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Working out with Katalyst

Common questions about working out with Katalyst

How long is a Katalyst workout?

A typical Katalyst workout is 20 minutes long, with sessions ranging from a 5 minute recovery to a 20 minute strength workout. In addition, we offer longer “freestyle” cardio sessions so you can take Katalyst on a walk or wear it while on a treadmill

How much space do I need for a Katalyst workout?

Very little space is required! You will generally need an area large enough to squat, lunge and stretch your arms out to the side. For most people, this can be as small as a 4’ x 6’ area. Once you are finished working out, Katalyst easily stores away

How often can I use Katalyst?

Katalyst can be used every day, depending on the type of workout you are doing. For strength and power training, we recommend a maximum of 2-3 sessions per week, with a minimum of 48 hours between workouts to allow your muscles to recover. For cardio

Why does Katalyst recommend only 3x per week for strength workouts?

Katalyst activates all major muscle groups of the body in each 20-minute workout. This intense workout trains agonist, antagonist, and deeper-lying muscles simultaneously in a continuous 4-second impulse / 4-second rest pattern. Throughout the workou

What happens if I lose weight and the suit no longer fits me?

We designed the Katalyst Suit to be highly adjustable, so you can build muscle and get leaner without the need for a new suit. Seeing as we want you to be successful on your fitness journey, we will replace your suit if losing weight causes you to dr

Can Katalyst help me lose weight?

As a medical device regulated by the FDA, there are certain claims we are not allowed to make and it applies to powered muscle stimulators in general. One of these claims is weight loss. We do not claim weight loss as a benefit, though we regularly h

What are the four different modes and how are they different?

Katalyst offers strength, power, cardio, and recovery modes to help everyone reach their health and fitness goals. The strength mode operates in a 4-second rhythm. 4 seconds of impulse, followed by 4 seconds of rest. This mode is intended to increase

What should the strength and power modes feel like?

The strength and power modes deliver impulses in a 4/4 rhythm, with four seconds of muscle engagement followed by four seconds of rest throughout the 20 minute workout. This allows for more start and stop movements, unlike the steady, consistent impu

What should the cardio mode feel like?

Cardio mode feels like a constant, lighter impulse when compared with the strength and power modes. It allows for more steady, consistent movements rather than start and stop movements that the strength and power modes are designed for. The cardio mo

Do I need weights or other gym equipment to use Katalyst?

Weights or other gym equipment are not required to use Katalyst, because EMS amplifies your natural ability to engage your muscles without the need for any external loading. For cardio workouts, many customers have had success combining a Katalyst se

How do I unfollow or stop auto following a trainer during a workout?

Press the Auto-Follow button () to stop following the automatic training increases and decreases, allowing you to choose your training regimen. Press the button again to start following the automatic training increases and decreases.

Can multiple people work out at the same time?

Yes, but working out side-by-side requires that each user have their own Impulse Pack and iPad/iPhone. In this case, it's best to buy two complete Katalyst Training Systems. We do not yet offer group training where multiple users can work out using a

Can I share my suit with others?

While we recommend that you do not share your suit with others, we also do not restrict use. If you do share your suit, we require that a) it fits properly, b) the person you are sharing with does not meet any of the health restrictions noted in our

Do you offer live classes?

At this time all of our workouts are on-demand and pre-recorded. However, live classes are something we may add in the future.

Is Katalyst a one-and-done workout, or do I still need to do other things?

This completely depends on your current fitness level and individual goals. For some people, Katalyst helps overcome a barrier that was preventing them from working out, like time, motivation or ability. For others, Katalyst is a way to break through

Why does Katalyst only recommend 20 minutes?

Katalyst activates 2x the muscle fibers of conventional resistance training, helping you to achieve muscle work that normally requires hours of exercise. Your brain can activate approximately 45%-50% of muscle fibers when lifting weights. With Kataly

What's the science behind how 4 seconds of stimulation was arrived upon?

The cadence has been proven as the most effective rhythm for full-body EMS training. 4 seconds allow for clean execution of the exercises (e.g., bench press) and focus on your breath work. At the same time, 4 seconds also allow you to relax your musc

Can I wear other clothes under the suit instead of the base layer?

No. Please only use the Katalyst Training System with the provided base layer. This ensures the maximum efficacy of the suit. If you have misplaced your base layer, please contact [email protected] to purchase a replacement.

What does the LED status light color on my impulse pack mean?

The impulse pack communicates with you through the LED status indicator, letting you know its current status. You can find a detailed table in our Instruction Manual under 'Impulse Pack LED Status Indicator' listing the differents states of each LED

Can I wear a heart rate monitor under the suit?

To achieve maximum effectiveness, we recommend not wearing anything under your Base Layer, including a heart rate monitor with a chest strap. Stimulation should never be applied near metal. Remove any jewelry, piercings, belt buckles, or other remova

I have a continuous glucose monitor on my arm, can I use Katalyst?

We do have users who wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), such as Levels, and have not reported any issues. The arm pads should not be placed on top of the CGM. If your monitor includes a pump, there is a chance it could be impacted by the use of