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Can I use an Android device?

Currently, we only support iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 and later as a platform. This ensures the best customer experience for our users.

Do I need to be connected to WiFi in order to use Katalyst?

As long as you download your workout within the app, you do not need to have an active WiFi connection in order to work out.  You do need an internet connection to create a new account and download new workouts.

Are there any restrictions for people with health conditions?

As a medical device, Katalyst is indicated for use on healthy muscles. There are a few restrictions, including minors and people with certain health conditions, such as a pacemaker or pregnancy. For more information, please refer to our Instruction M

How tight does the suit need to be? Why does the suit need to be tight?

The suit should be tight enough to provide adequate compression while not overly restricting movement. You want to be able to still breathe while completing the workout, so do not tighten the suit so much that it impacts your ability to breathe. The

I’m pregnant, can I use Katalyst?

No, do not use the Katalyst Training System if you are pregnant. The safety of using powered muscle stimulators during pregnancy has not been established.

How often do I need to charge my Impulse Pack?

You can typically get 10+ workouts on one charge of your Impulse Pack.

Do I need an iPhone or iPad to use Katalyst?

Yes, you will need an iPhone or iPad capable of running iOS 15 or later to use Katalyst. To learn how to find the iOS version on your iPhone or iPad, click here.

Why does the suit need to be wet?

Water facilitates conductivity between the electrode, base layer and your skin, helping to ensure a consistent connection and the best possible impulse quality.

How do I adjust the individual channels in the suit?

When you are in a workout, you can individually adjust each of the 9 channels at any time. To do this:. 1. Tap on the Channel Equalizer button. 2. The channel drawer will open for you to individually select the muscle group you'd like to adjust then

What is the best way to charge my impulse pack?

Use a wall charger with the Katalyst charging cable provided to you with your system to charge your impulse pack. We do not recommend using a laptop, computer, etc. to charge your impulse pack.

Can I use my Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch can be worn during workouts and is a great companion to our iPhone App! During your workouts, your Apple Watch can be used to increase or decrease your Katalyst workout intensities, pause & resume your current Katalyst session, and to