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Can I use my Apple Watch?Updated 2 months ago

The Apple Watch can be worn during workouts and is a great companion to our iPhone App! During your workouts, your Apple Watch can be used to increase or decrease your Katalyst workout intensities, pause & resume your current Katalyst session, and to track your heart rate during your Katalyst sessions. Your workouts will also show up in your Fitness app (though it’s worth noting that the calories shown there will be 0 since we do not track calories), so you are able to effectively log your workouts.

The Apple Watch is only able to pair with iPhones and not iPads, therefore if you wish to use your Apple Watch during workouts, you must be using your iPhone to begin the workout. For anyone with an Apple TV, a pro tip is to begin the workout from the iPhone, then send it to your TV via an Apple TV. You will still have the Apple Watch integration and you’ll be able to see your favorite trainer on the big screen.

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