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How does Katalyst compare to other full-body EMS devices?Updated 2 months ago

Companies such as Miha bodytec, X-body, E-fit, and others have built full-body EMS training equipment for 10+ years, primarily for a studio-based, B2B market. While these devices are similar to Katalyst in how they train the human body from a scientific perspective, they tend to be very expensive ($20,000-50,000), cumbersome to maintain, bulky to transport, and require a certified professional trainer to operate. 


Katalyst is the first full-body EMS device to be FDA-cleared for consumer use. In contrast to other devices on the market, we built a premium consumer fitness experience that is incredibly easy to use, lightweight, and travel-ready, with on-demand training content delivered straight to your iPhone or iPad. With Katalyst, you get the world’s best full-body EMS training anytime, anywhere, and for the price of a Peloton. 

Please see our FDA 510(k) clearance document here

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