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Do you ship internationally? What does it cost?Updated 9 months ago

We currently ship to addresses in the United States and Canada. When shipping to Canada, or if you are a foreign customer who ships Katalyst to an address within the United States and then takes it to your home country, the following conditions may apply. Thank you for being so understanding!  

  1. Importing Katalyst (including shipping & handling, customs, and duties) into your home country is your responsibility and may incur additional costs. *There are import fees for shipping to Canada, these fees are paid directly to the shipper by the customer*

  2. You may experience slower response times as we do not currently provide worldwide customer service and support.

  3. We will include the USB charging cord with your training system, but you must use a charging brick compatible with your home country. This may impact charging times.

  4. The Katalyst Training System and supporting materials are only available in English at this time.

  5. If a product return, size exchange or warranty repair is required, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping back to Katalyst.

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